Workshops & Public Speaking

Canada Now and in 2050

This training module outlines what we can anticipate over the next 30 years, and what these changes mean for us as a society.

Reducing implicit bias

 This training module provides an understanding of implicit bias and the limitations in fully eliminating it.

Making Diversity Work for You

This training module provides an understanding of how to build diversity in your workplace and your community.

Become More Inclusive

This training module provides an overview of what it means to become a more inclusive employer, employee, citizen.

The Changing Face of Canada

This training module provides an overview of the changes Canada will face in its workforce and what we need to do to adapt.

Employee Engagement

This training module examines how you and your employees can build, manage and promote workplace diversity.


Special Workshops

Hospitals, inter-faith groups, chaplaincy programs, palliative care centres, nursing programs will  be interested in

The Last Rite

Race, class, identity and intergenerational wisdom are examined through storytelling in

Our Grandmothers Ourselves

Women studies programs, women's organizations, centres of study for immigration, aging and family will appreciate 


Each one of us learns in different ways. Over the course of a training module, a number of facilitation techniques are used, such as videos, questionnaires, role playing, mapping and problem solving, interactive exercises, team building activities, blog posts, focus groups, surveys, presentations.

I bring a personalized approach to public speaking events.  While my doctoral studies taught me how to understand and work with theory, my projects and community initiatives taught me how to search for practical solutions, no matter the challenge. I am clear and forthright, and speak passionately about issues of equity and inclusion.


My Diverse Clients

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