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The Last Rite

Award-Winning Documentary
See this Film screening on OMNI Television throughout the year!


In this documentary we spend time in mosques, Buddhist temples, and ashrams to gain knowledge into the meaning of death and life. This documentary explores why we fear death and why, in the modern world, we try everything possible to prolong life, and hide the reality of death. The Last Rite will give you the courage to continue asking questions about this life and beyond.

The Last Rite, available in Farsi, Mandarin, Italian, Hindi, illustrates how Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists ritualize death.

“The Last Rite is a highlight of my course on death & dying. I am grateful to be able to bring this great resource to the program as the students benefit personally and professionally from seeing it.”

Janet Arnorld

Mount Royal University

"The gift of your work in this film is to open a back door to some in the Judaeo-Christian traditions, to begin exploring end-of-life issues and the grieving journey. As I watched your film, your private story becomes a communal story of connection."

Reverand Ian Smith

Ste-Genevieve United Church

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