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Award Winning Public Speaker,

Writer & Founder of Diversity Matters

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion is where my conversation with you begins.


In Canada, we pride ourselves on getting things right when it comes to diversity, and overall we should, but we all know that there is a long way to go before poor kids get a decent education, indigenous communities get more respect, women break the glass ceiling, and so on. For over twenty years I have been building bridges when it comes to diversity because I believe that each individual, no matter their accent, their skin colour or their God, has the right to a fulfilling life in this country.

In the end, each one of us has to decide if we want to work towards a solution, or not. That is why my work in diversity, equity and inclusion looks for solutions and shares them. Each project that DiversityMatters undertakes works towards that goal.

Here's to being part of the solution.

Gina Valle, PhD

Bringing diverse ideas and people together

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